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Matt, CRM implementation
Experience: EY, LiveChat
Jacob, Project Management Software implementation
Experience: Followup.inc, SheetDB
Mike, Chatbots implementation
Experience: 3YourMind
Kamil, Website building
Experience: RedCart, RST

We help you find, implement and maintain the right technology stack

1. Finding the right software for
your business needs

We know how difficult it is to find the right software solution. Our software consultant will find the best technology stack depending on your specific needs and requirements.

2. Implementing software across
your organization

Training organization on new technology by yourself takes time. We implement the technology and train your employees on using the software right.

3. Syncing data across your
software solutions

Connecting different solutions takes time and money.
We connect software together and make sure your organization's data is in sync.

4. Providing online 24/7
software support

Maintaining technology and software updates are expensive. We provide online 24/7 tech support for a flat monthly rate, depending on your team's size.

Our customers about us

"pickSaaS Software Consultant simply came to our company, implemented the right CRM technology and trained our staff on using it to work more effectively. They are like the part of our team, providing any consulting support when needed."
Edward MacDonald

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