Grow sales and automate tasks with
a Certified Pipedrive CRM Consultant

Hire Certified Pipedrive CRM Expert & Support to help you grow your sales pipeline, improve deals' conversion and go home early with the right technology setup.



% more leads for customers



times average increase in productivity



hours saved on manual tasks

Meet your Pipedrive consultants

Matt Pliszka

Pipedrive Expert Partner & CRM Consultant

Certified Pipedrive Expert Partner. Helping grow sales and reduce time spent on manual tasks by providing support in CRM configuration and integration. Automating lead identification, distribution and CRM mailing automation processes. Executing data migration & data structuring.

Paul Minors

Pipedrive, Asana & MailChimp Consultant

Productivity blogger and consultant specializing in CRM, project management & mailing automation. Pipedrive CRM Certified Expert. Helping customers make the best out of their CRM technology with the right automations and integrations.

How it works

Get help in using Pipedrive CRM technology to grow sales and automate tasks.


Schedule free introductory call with CRM Specialist

Book a call with our software consultants to get free help and tips on Pipedrive's integration, configuration.


Get personalized Pipedrive consulting or implementation plan

After the call, get personalized plan for implementing or growing your Pipedrive account to grow sales and save time.


Hire consultant to work with you and your team on sales and automation

After the consultation, decide to hire a consultant to work with you on growing sales, automation and integrations.

Capture and distribute leads
to grow your sales pipeline

Integrate CRM with your website, social media, emails or customer support. Automate lead identification and distribution in your CRM and see your sales grow by even 30%.

Convert more customers
by identifying the right leads

Identify the most relevant leads during the sales process. Convert them into actual customers by connecting your CRM to the lead engagement technology.

Automate manual tasks to save time and go home early

Turn manual tasks like data input or mailing into automated activities to help you save time, go home early or focus on most important business goals.

Integrate Pipedrive with your software stack

Connect Pipedrive to other technology you're using to make the most out of your Pipedrive's use and to have all the data analyzed in one place.

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Your Pipedrive CRM consulting plans


Additional Pipedrive Support to save time

24/7 Pipedrive support to solve your Pipedrive issues on-the-go

Remote screen support

Basic workflow automation setup

Support for Pipedrive Zapier automations

Daily recommendations for Pipedrive account improvement and optimization

starts $999


CRM Consulting to grow sales & save time

Integrating Pipedrive into your software stack

Data structuring and configuration

Workflow, calling & mailing integration

Lead identification, integration & automation

Pipedrive data analytics

Project management integration

starts $1,999


Extended consulting with team training

Everything in the Consulting plan plus:

Team training in using Pipedrive CRM technology

1-on-1 training & support sessions in using Pipedrive

Sales process analysis and design

Advanced data analytics

1-on-1 consultant support and recommendations

starts $3,999

Frequently asked questions

3. Can I try out Pipedrive for free?

Yes, you can try out Pipedrive for extended 30 days free (normally it's 14 days) using the below link or by entering af-picksaas code in the billing section to extend your Pipedrive trial to 30 days.

-> Link to Pipedrive's free extended 30-day trial

5. What effects can I expect when it comes to sales growth and time saving?

The effects differ case by case. Some of Pipedrive users with the right technology setup observe as high as 30% growth in leads' volume, 2x increase in deals' conversion and hundreds of hours saved on doing manual tasks.

6. What's the pricing? Can I try your services for free?

We provide pricing estimate based on:
- Scope of services (support, consulting, training)
- Business size
- Industry and the number of technological integrations

For small teams in need of additional Pipedrive support we offer support plans starting at $999/mo.

To get a pricing estimate for your business/project, schedule a free introductory call.

Pipedrive customers about pickSaaS

Quick and seamless Pipedrive implementation

Edward MacDonald
Managing Partner @ CAG

pickSaaS consultant implemented Pipedrive for us faster then any other IT company would do. They're constantly working with us on Pipedrive's improvement, configuration which helps us manage our customer relationship better and saves a lot of time.

From finding & implementing to automation

Szymon Wierzyk
Business Owner @ Carly

pickSaaS team has helped us in finding the right CRM solution and supported us with Pipedrive's implementation. Even though I know how to set up and configure a CRM, they provided valuable insights on the software's configuration & implementation.

Consulting on Pipedrive for: