Building an interactive quiz using softwares like typeform with Shopify integeration

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Problem description

We are YUNO Biotactical Drink and our brand focuses on nurturing a sustainable​,​ tactical and encompassing lifestyle with our first line of Biotactical drinks using about 100+ herbs and spices to boost your gut and mind. With that​,​ we have to build a comprehensive quiz that focusing on personalizing the YUNO experience. Copy and design assets are available​,​ we are looking for someone who is familiar with the backend of quiz building​,​ building branched logics​,​ making it UX friendly and interactive both on mobile and desktop​,​ and finally​,​ it has to be able to be integrated on Shopify. We are looking at a 1-2 weeks timeline for this to be complete​,​ Below​,​ I have attached a simple spec sheet of what we are looking for and components design for the quiz​,​ although the design will be improved as we discuss with you on interactiveness and UX for consumers​,​

Required software

  • Shopify
  • Typeform


  • E-commerce

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Brooklyn, New York, United States

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