1. What is pickSaaS?

    pickSaaS is a team of software passionates and experts, researching and testing cloud SaaS software. We issue rankings, tutorials, recommendations and reviews helping grow businesses with cloud applications. We consult our users in finding the best software faster via our website, chat or email.

  2. What is SaaS?

    SaaS is another name for SaaS software. You can learn more in our SaaS Software Guide

  3. Do I have to pay anything for using pickSaaS?

    Chatting and first technology workshop with our software consultant is free. You can also hire pickSaaS Software Consultant, supporting you in your company's technology for a fixed monthly fee.

  4. So how does pickSaaS earn on its service?

    In pickSaaS, we sometimes earn commission if you purchase the product coming from our platform. Contrary to other plarforms like Capterra or GetApp, we do not provide vendors with the opportunity to rank higher, e.g. by paying higher biddings.

  5. How can I get my product listed on pickSaaS and reviewed by pickSaaS team?

    To initiate our research of your product, the best way is to submit the form. If you'd like to write for pickSaaS about your product, you can check our submission guidelines.

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