UserEngage review – more than just a live chat

UserEngage review – more than just a live chat
UserEngage review – more than just a live chat

Today, in our UserEngage review we give you a brief info on how this marketing automation engine can help your company.

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What Is UserEngage?

It is way more than just a live chat… In short, it is a platform to communicate with your visitors, collect the data about your customers, manage your sales and most importantly, to create special schemes helping you to build the connection between you and your website’s visitors. Quite extensive functionality for one app, isn’t it? Still, its pricing can be considered as affordable as it starts with $49 per month for the most basic version limited to 1000 tracked users.


To install UserEngage, you just have to copy the code to the body of your website or integrate it with one of the software you’re already using — as always, you can find the full list of integrations at

Then, you’re ready to go and your visitors can send you all your favorite questions through a neatly looking chat window.


What’s awesome about UserEngage is that it stores the information about your visitors in your people list. So, if I’m at your website for the third or fourth time, you’ll already know it because you’ll have me stored as Indigo Ball or some other name. So, if you don’t know the name of your visitor, the software gives it a random one to help you identify the person more easily. This tends to be quite useful and definitely better than having somebody stored under the name of “Visitor 143”.

You can then browse through that contact’s information about their history, activity on your website or send them a message if he/she provided their e-mail address or telephone number. So it acts a like a CRM system. Actually, it is a CRM system as you can create deals for your contacts and manage them through a custom deal flow structure.


But what’s that unique about UserEngage and where does the name come from? It is an action feature, which is a powerful app to create schemes for interaction between your website and your visitors. So how it works and what are the use cases? There are just so many ways to use it to communicate better with your clients. Let’s say, you want to send a personalized message through a chat to the visitor who came to your website from a Facebook page. Or you’d like to start an e-mail campaign to all your customers who have visited your website more than 3 times this week. UserEngage lets you draw so-called “customer journeys”, where you decide what happens at each step and the company shows multiple ways of how to take advantage of this in their materials.


You can also use “modals” functionality to create pop-up windows suggesting action to your visitors or “data collector” function, to collect and organize the data your customers provide you during particular steps they take on your website.

So, to sum up, UserEngage acts as your marketing automation platform giving you the opportunity to design and act on each step your visitor makes. It is also great for delivering the insight into data you collect as in the software’s new version, you can even design your own Dashboard presenting most relevant summaries.


UserEngage is just a super powerful engine to help you communicate with your customers. There are some issues with it, though. With all the functionality you get, it will be very time consuming to set up the way you’d like it to work. Even though the user’s interface does quite a good job, the software is still quite fresh and it’s not rare to encounter some bugs, like the non-fully translated interface or non-clickable CRM elements… Thankfully, according to the users’ opinions, these tend to be fixed on a regular basis and it’s worth to mention that company’s customer support is quite good, in case you encounter any issues.


Wrapping up, UserEngage gives you a powerful functionality to contact and engage users visiting your websites. With still being a quite fresh software, I can imagine that it will be even more functional, and any bugs or less user-friendly elements will get fixed soon.

UserEngage has also been featured in our latest ranking of the best live chats for e-commerce, which you can find Here.

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