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It’s time to review another great live chat software.

Will be the right solution for you?

Let’s find out!

You can watch our video review Here.

It’s a completely free solution, with surprisingly rich functionalities.

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Installation’s installation is nothing different than the installation of other live chat apps. You just take the provided code and paste it into the body of your website and you are ready to go.


The agent’s platform at first feels quite complicated with multiple available tabs and various setting options. However, after getting used to it, it becomes quite handy and functional with very useful analytical dashboard available at first interaction. features features

Mobile app

The mobile application, which is available both for Android and iOS is extremely simple to navigate as it provides only the basic chatting functionality.


Cost: $0

What’s pretty amazing is that is a completely free software with no premium plans available.

So, for the price of 0$, you get one of the most advanced live chat solutions on the market.

This includes functions like ticketing system, mobile, and desktop applications, team departments, contacts, reporting and others I will present in a second. features features


The company earns money on add-ons, for example, you can remove the’s branding from your chat window for $15 monthly.

It also allows for video chat and screen sharing with your customers for $49 monthly.

Chat support

Another cool thing about is that this is one of the few chats to offer their own chat support.

It means that they can do the job of handling chat conversations for you, and it costs as little as $1 per hour.


You can integrate easily with most popular services or platforms such as WIX, Shopify, Magento or Presta Shop.

However, it would be great if extended integration elements with social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter like other live chats do.

To see the full list of’s native integrations, you can visit, where you can search and compare integration elements for various software.

TAWK.TO DESIGN is definitely not the fanciest looking live chat on the market with its chat window looking a little bit old-fashioned.

However, with solid personalization options like colors customization, widget selection or custom attention grabbers, you could give definitely its outlook a chance. design design

The operator’s platform and reports are not visually stunning but rather focus on delivering as much information as possible.


Despite being free of charge, is one of the most powerful live chat solutions on the market, delivering the functionality of other, expensive live chat apps for free.

Ticketing system has a built-in ticketing system, which gives you the ability to set cases with particular customers and close them as soon as they’re resolved.

User’s history

It stores the information about your visitors in “contacts” tab, where you can quickly access their details including chat history, open tickets or websites they visited.


You can collect and analyze very simplified customers’ satisfaction rating, agents’ performance or tickets’ statistics.

Triggers enables you to set triggers, e.g. when a visitor enters a particular blog post, he might get a suggestion about other interesting articles.

It also allows you to store custom pre-defined messages.

Personalization is superior in pre-chat form personalization. So assuming, you want your customer to fill in particular information before you start chatting, like the department they want to contact or a survey, this live chat has all you need and might come in handy even for larger enterprises.

Mobile and desktop apps

The solution offers very basic mobile applications for iOS and Android. It also provides desktop apps for Mac and Windows, however, they do not deliver any functionality outrunning the online platform.


The company offers outstanding 24/7 customer support, which is not a standard among its competitors.

The only downside might be that the support’s responses sometimes seem to be inaccurate as they are often based on pre-defined answers.

Also, you cannot chat directly from the operator’s platform which is surely a drawback.

SUMMARY summary summary

It is difficult to believe that is for free with all the functionality you get in the package. For similar solutions, you would have to pay at least a several dozen dollars so it’s worth a shot if you have a limited budget.

On the other hand, might not be the most user-friendly solution on the market and its design lacks a fresh look.

It will never substitute your Intercom or UserEngage but still, it might be a good choice, not only for starting enterprises.

For more information about you can visit where you can learn about and other live chats features.

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