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Education reminds me of school times. It’s something which might seem like the stage in our life, where we get the education, graduate from high school or University and move on to new period in our lives. However, it’s not difficult to realize, education is something we continue getting through our whole life. No matter if it’s the scientific or life-type of education, we use gained know-how and experiences to improve in our work or the way we communicate with others.

So it’s no surprise that more and more businesses tend to use education as a way to engage their customers and grow their users’/customers’ base. After all, each business has its experiences which can be shared with others. For me, sharing knowledge ofter turns out to be the best way to initiate new ideas. For brands, it also leads to increased reliability, which is an essential factor in any marketing strategy.

I recently had a chance to discover a new SaaS software –, which helps businesses and educational institutions deliver know-how through a customizable course creator. It lets you create online courses and deliver them through an online platform. Will be happy to review the software for you and to show you how you could use it to grow your business.

Video review – an online software helping you deliver knowledge to your customers

Systeme is an online platform letting you set up a complete website for selling and conducting online courses. It can be used by bloggers, schools or most importantly already operating businesses to deliver knowledge to their audience. Systeme lets you:

  1. Set up the content of the course available online on the landing page (including videos, images, text)
  2. Design the enrollment landing page, where students/participants can register and pay for the course
  3. Manage course participants and communicate with your students via emails or automated newsletters

Who is Systeme designed for?

  • Individuals/companies who build business on selling online courses
  • Businesses who want to introduce education as the marketing channel

Systeme has been designed with the paid courses in mind, but it will also allow for setting up a funnel providing access to the free resources.

So if you’re looking for the software which can help you get clients for your online courses, let’s look into its features and capabilities.

Setting up the course, lectures and course bundles

Starting your work with Systeme might not be the most intuitive process, ever. It’s still quite a fresh software with no specific user tutorial which would guide you through the application.

Courses management in

Courses management in

However, the software’s capabilities turn out to be really advanced. After some time spent on exploring its features, you should be able to easily add new courses, customize their content, manage payments, send emails to students or monitor the statistics/reports on a single dashboard.

Let’s start with creating your online course. The software will let you create the complete structure for your online courses, with an easy to handle visual structure of lessons and lectures.

Online courses content configuration in Systeme software

Online courses content configuration in Systeme software

Most importantly, you can enter each stage of the course and manage the included content, with the semi-advanced drag and drop editor.

Course view in Systeme software

Course view in Systeme software

Using the editor, you’ll be able to add text, images, videos, custom html items or buttons to your course. The customization options are quite limited but will likely be enough to set up the complete content for your online course. Still, I’ll be looking forward to seeing more and more customization options develop, with new visual themes available.

After setting up the courses’ structure and content, you can easily display it under a separate domain (Systeme also allows for connecting your own domain). So after the setup, you get the access to your own website with an easily searchable online course. It’s definitely a huge saving of time if you’d like to quickly set up the course by yourself without hours and dollars spent on separate website’s or landing page development.

Browsing through an online course created in

Browsing through an online course created in

Enrolling your students and managing payments

After you set up an online course’s structure and content, it’s time to think about enrolling your students, letting them pay for the course and participate.

To do this, Systeme provides a “Funnels” editor, letting you set up the enrollment landing page for your students/customers.

Course enrollment setup in

Course enrollment setup in

Using the editor, you’d be able to set up the resources available after the enrollment. You’d also need to connect one of the payment methods to collect payments from your participants. For us, PayPal connection worked perfectly and we’ve managed to sign up to the course paying a small amount of 1 EUR via quick PayPal transfer.

Similarly to the course editor, you’d be able to easily customize your enrollment page with custom photos, videos or text content. Feel free to add particular branding elements like logo or colors’ personalization.

Course enrollment landing page in Systeme software

Course enrollment landing page in Systeme software

Checking stats and enrollment sales’ statistics is another feature within “Funnels” panel letting you monitor how your form converts into real customers.

Automating the communication and students’ management process

One of the most important elements of Systeme’s software is its automation features, focused on making the process of new enrollments smooth and simple for you as a teacher/course provider. So how can the example automation process look like?

  1. Student subscribes to one of your courses
  2. He’s automatically assigned to one of your courses and gets an enrollment email
  3. After setting up the password he/she can log in to the account and access the course materials

Systeme lets you design your own automations, depending on your needs, to make your work as smooth and automated as possible.

Setting up automations in

Setting up automations in

If you’re aiming to use automations to the limits, Systeme can actually turn into quite an advanced mailing automation tool, letting you set rules to subscribe or unsubscribe to specific campaigns, based on triggers, like submitting the form or registering to webinar.

Are you looking for any specific way to automate your workflow with students/course participants? Let us know in the comments.

Managing students’ list and communicating with participants

Systeme turned out to be the software designed not only for setting up and distributing online courses, but also for facilitating the communication with the students.

After the enrollment, a student is added to your contacts’ list, letting you easily browse through your course participants.

With the emails functionality, you’ll be able to easily create custom newsletter sent to the students, just like you would do in other mailing automation software like GetResponse or MailChimp.

Mailing campaign set up in

Mailing campaign set up in

I was really surprised by the extensiveness of the email campaigns offered by Systeme. The software will let you plan your email sequences ahead with automated follow-ups and custom fields, automatically filled out with the appropriate data from the database. Systeme also allows for sending the attachments which might be especially useful in your student <-> teacher communication.

Affiliate program, payment management and statistics

Systeme is quite an advanced software delivering a large amount of features to manage your online courses. For example, the software will let you set an affiliate program for your online courses, letting you pay a commission for each of the course your partners bring your way. All of this can be easily managed within your payments panel, where you can issue invoices or set up refunds for your customers. Also, both your courses’ or the affiliate sales can easily be managed within one, simply visualized online dashboard.

Online courses statistics' dashboard

Online courses statistics’ dashboard

All-in one online course software with its limitations

Systeme provides a really advanced interface for delivering educational content to your users. But it’s not only about the delivery. It’s highly focused on setting up and automating the registration process, so that you don’t have to worry about communicating with your customers manually after the purchase. I was really positively surprised by the way it lets you automate your email communication and easily handle payments’ collection.

There are still some limitations to’s software. Most importantly, it does not integrate with any other external software, so installing LiveChat, or connecting your mailing list with MailChimp will not be possible. Also, the design options of the resources’ landing pages are still quite limited, so don’t expect any visual fireworks within your online courses. Getting familiar with the software might take some time, so we’re looking forward to seeing the onboarding tutorial and themes’ selection develop in the future.

If you’re looking for a software to manage the content and delivery of your courses, online, you should definitely give it a try.’s pros:

  • Automating students’ enrollment and communication
  • Advanced mailing/newsletter editor
  • Focused on one main thing – online courses distributions with many dedicated features for this area
  • Easy PayPal/Stripe integration
  • Easy to set-up affiliate program

Things to improve for

  • No onboarding tutorial within the application
  • Limited design templates selection
  • No integrations with external software

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