SuperSaaS Review – An Advanced Scheduling Software for More Effective Meetings

SuperSaaS Review – An Advanced Scheduling Software for More Effective Meetings
SuperSaaS Review – An Advanced Scheduling Software for More Effective Meetings

Scheduling meetings takes time, doesn’t it? It’s likely you remember the situation when you had to exchange several dozens of emails before you successfully scheduled a meeting with another party.

With today’s modern cloud technology, scheduling meetings becomes easier and quicker than ever. You can now even have your own website, designed purely to present yourself an let others schedule a meeting with you.

On the market there are several scheduling solutions, letting you set up your available schedule, and allow others to simply book a meeting with you. All you need to do is send them a short link. So how to find the right scheduling solution for your business needs?

One of the more advanced software on the market is SuperSaaS, a software letting you set up a schedule and bookings for you, your team or your business. So let’s look into SuperSaaS and see how it can help you manage your meetings and bookings more effectively.

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One system to help you in everyday cases

SuperSaaS key functionalities

SuperSaaS key functionalities

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What I like about SuperSaaS is that it’s been designed to match nearly everybody’s needs. Its functionality lets you use the software in many different situations, depending on the current need:

  • One-on-one meetings

Just shorten the time needed to schedule the meeting.

  • Group meetings

Put a group/team in sync with the group scheduling feature.

  • Reservations

If you need a reservation system, e.g. for conference/meeting rooms, SuperSaaS can be of use here, as well.

  • Service appointments

If you provide some kind of specialized service and are looking for a way to manage your schedule, you can use the software in this area, as well.

At the same time, SuperSaaS can easily be integrated into other services you’re already using, like Zoom, MailChimp and of course, Google Calendar.

E.g. Let’s say, you want to send an automated campaign to your meeting attendees, right after the meeting. You can do it automatically, using a SuperSaaS <> MailChimp integration sending a nice follow-up message after every meeting.

Collecting payments for your meetings

SuperSaaS payments set up

SuperSaaS payments set up

One of the really nice things about SuperSaaS is the ability to collect payments for your meetings. That comes extremely handy when you’re actually running a professional business and you want to collect payment for any meeting you’re having.

The payment can be set up using a few methods:

  • Bank transfer or check – then you simply display instructions to pay using the transfer or check
  • Credit card – the system will only make sure the credit card information is securely collected. Subsequently, you will need to run the transaction
  • PayPal or Stripe – SuperSaaS will automatically integrate with your PayPal or Stripe account, collecting your payments & approving the meetings

If you’re using a scheduling system not only as an internal tool but also as a way to handle your customers, SuperSaaS makes it quite easy to set up the system and collect the funds to your account.

Setting up the landing page to book your meetings

Booking landing page in SuperSaaS

Booking landing page in SuperSaaS

Scheduling system should turn scheduling meetings into a simple, seamless process.

To make it work, it provides a process which allows every person to access an online landing page, letting anybody book a meeting depending on their needs.

The landing pages created in SuperSaaS, just like the whole solution itself are quite advanced and let you view the schedule by month, week or day. It can also provide you with the simple agenda/availability view, simply listing the events scheduled for a specific person/room or the availability of people/rooms. Unfortunately, there is no option to display detailed information about your business or team members.

The design of landing pages available for SuperSaaS users is rather classic, without any graphical fireworks. While you can still customize it by uploading e.g. your company’s logo, the software’s design is definitely an element worth an improvement.

On the other hand, the calendar landing pages are just very functional, so still, anybody starting to use the software will find them rather easy to use.

Sending email & SMS reminders to the meeting’s participants

SMS notifications in SuperSaaS

SMS notifications in SuperSaaS

One of the most useful features of SuperSaaS is automated meeting reminders sent to your meeting participants. With the built-in SMS gateway, you’ll be able to set up SMS messages to notify your meeting participants about the upcoming meetings. To make it work, you’d first need to connect one of the supported SMS gateways from the variety of providers. While the SMS & email reminders are generated automatically, depending on the meeting’s details, you’ll also be able to append an additional message, depending on your needs.

Setting up the scheduling solution to work for you

SuperSaaS is focused on delivering a solution for more demanding scheduling passionates. Consequently, setting it up the way you’d like to see it work should be possible.

Entering SuperSaaS, you will see a few options:

  1. New schedule – creating a new schedule/booking page
  2. New form – creating a new form which will let you collect information from your meeting participants
  3. User management – managing the software’s users
  4. Access control – managing the access to your schedules/software
  5. Account info – information about your account
  6. Layout settings – changing the appearance of your schedules
  7. Subscription status – Information about software subscription/updates
  8. Usage information – Information about software’s usage and statistics

Let’s look into how you can set up the software to help you manage your workload better:

Creating schedules

Setting up new schedules in SuperSaaS

Setting up new schedules in SuperSaaS

Setting up a schedule provides you with 3 ways to make it work, depending on your needs:

1. Resource schedule – define your resources, like a person, object or location and set their availability to be booked.

E.g. Employees booking one-on-one meeting or rooms.

2. The capacity schedule – define available slots, holding multiple bookings.

E.g. Signing up to an event by participants until the maximum number of participants has been reached.

3. Service schedule – creating a schedule to book specific services, which require particular resources.

E.g. A person booking a service which requires both a person & room available.

After you create a schedule, you can modify the access to making any changes to the schedule.

Depending on your preferences, you can let anybody change the details, make it work only to signed up users or set the schedule to view only.

After setting up the name for your schedule, it will become available under the specific domain name with the resources or services ready to be booked by the landing page’s visitors.

Configuring a schedule

Once you have your schedule working, you can now configure it the way you’d like to use it in your business.

This feature is a really an advanced one and is actually a configuration center for tailoring your schedule to your organization’s needs.

SuperSaaS schedule configuration

Configuring a schedule in SuperSaaS

After entering the schedule’s configuration, you get access to the schedule’s settings including:

  • Reservation limit per user (TIP! use it to make sure your team doesn’t book too many meetings)
  • Custom & individual pricing (TIP! – you can set various pricing, depending on the time chosen in the calendar)
  • The default length of the reservations (TIP! – you can round your reservations to the full half/full hour to set the fixed meeting times at your company)
  • Set superusers (TIP! – you can set superusers to manage only specific schedules)
  • Information required from the user doing the reservation (TIP! – make sure you limit the number of required fields if you’re using the schedule for external purposes)
  • Sending custom email reminders (TIP! Send an automated email reminder before and after the conversation)

There are multiple ways to configure SuperSaaS and make it work right in your business and you should not have any problems to customize it, depending on your needs.

Creating forms

Setting up new forms in SuperSaaS

Setting up new forms in SuperSaaS

Setting up a form lets you collect information from your users/visitors, later to be used in many different ways.

The software will provide you with 2 main options to collect information from your website’s visitors:

  • Form in connection to a meeting or a reservation
  • Form as a separate functionality to collect information from your visitors

You can use this information in a few ways in your daily work:

  • Collecting more information about your meeting attendees, like their expectations or the type of their business
  • Collecting feedback after the meeting
  • Collecting surveys about meeting plans

After you decide on the type of form you’d like to set up (connected vs separate), you’d be able to set it up using the form editor.

Like other parts of the software, SuperSaaS offers quite a vast number of functionalities here, letting you choose among multiple/single selection fields, radio buttons or pasting your own HTML code. On the other hand, the visuals of the software are rather old-fashioned and it would be great to see it updated some day in the near future.

Once you create the form, you’ll be able to easily use it or re-configure it to meet any new needs.

Managing users & access control

Access control in SuperSaaS

Access control in SuperSaaS

You likely don’t want to use SuperSaaS as a single user, which is why with SuperSaaS, you will easily add and manage any new users coming to the platform.

The biggest advantage of SuperSaaS, however, is that it lets you easily manage access to schedules depending on specific permissions.

These include:

  • Just anyone with the schedule being publicly available
  • People who know the shared password
  • People from the specific IP address
  • People within the specific email domain
  • Specific users defined by an administrator

Consequently, SuperSaaS is extremely effective when it comes to implementing a scheduling system across whole organizations/companies as it lets you manage the access only for your company’s employees/team members.

Settings and layout options

SuperSaaS layout customization

SuperSaaS layout customization

Even though SuperSaaS is a really advanced software itself, the level of personalization and customization it offers is quite limited. It will allow you to change some of the basic information like the name the software will use to call you (e.g. user, client, employee, etc.), time zone and only the basic layout’s visuals, like the style, logo or colors. Within the settings, you will also be able to set the email address for any outgoing emails.

SuperSaaS can actually be a great solution used to book meetings within your team but it will likely never become a fantastically-designed, personalized scheduling tool.

Usage statistics & reporting

SuperSaaS usage statistics

SuperSaaS usage statistics

Analyzing your meetings, the number of bookings and any statistics can be of real use to any business striving for optimizing efficiency.

SuperSaaS, within its “usage information” panel, will provide you with the basic information about your meetings but will not let you dive into the detailed statistics, e.g. conversions from schedule view into meetings.

If you’d like to learn more about your booking statistics, you’d need to go to the “Supervise” tab for a specific schedule.

Here, you’d be able to check on more detailed statistics, like reservations, occupied time and utilization.

A scheduling solution to optimize the efficiency of your business

SuperSaaS is a really interesting solution to implement in a large organization looking for ways to manage schedules. But managing schedules is only one of its features.

With SuperSaaS, you’ll also manage the availability of specific resources, like rooms or groups of people. This comes in particularly handy, especially when the schedules in your company are very tight and you need to put the whole team in place during one time period.

Booking meetings via SuperSaaS

Booking meetings via SuperSaaS

The software is really an extensive one when it comes to its features and functionality. It’s been designed with the more complex scheduling processes in mind, which makes it tailored to larger organizations.

The built-in notification and SMS reminders will definitely let you save time on sending notifications to your meeting participants.

An option to collect the payments for the bookings can really help if you are looking for a solution to monetize your meeting/consulting business or simply are running a business based on renting meeting space.

With all the functionality in place, SuperSaaS misses one thing – usability. It’s a great software with all the features out there but setting up schedules, forms or anything within the software is not the easiest thing to do and it might take time for your team to get familiar with the software set up and use it effectively in the daily work. Also, if you’re looking for a well-visualized calendar, tailored to your company’s brand’s design, it will likely not be a good fit for you.

SuperSaaS pros:

  • Extensive functionality & setup
  • Payment system integration via Stripe/PayPal
  • SMS/email notifications
  • Creating group scheduling, e.g. book people & rooms to make sure you complete the booking
  • Managing access to the scheduling page, e.g. making it public or requiring login

SuperSaaS cons:

  • The solution is not so easy to use
  • The graphics/design is far from modern

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