pickSaaS Blog Guidelines – How to Write for pickSaaS?

pickSaaS Blog Guidelines – How to Write for pickSaaS?
pickSaaS Blog Guidelines – How to Write for pickSaaS?

Below, you can find more information about writing for pickSaaS blog.

pickSaaS blog

1. E-commerce

About growing an e-commerce store using the software.

Main article10 Best E-commerce Software Solutions – The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Online Store


  1. The Complete Guide: Best Live Chat Software for eCommerce
  2. How to Maximize Your Store’s Conversion Rate with the Most Popular Ecommerce Analytics Tools
  3. 5 Smart CRM Solutions for E-commerce That Will Help Grow Sales of Your Online Store

+ 7 more to add which can be found in the Main Article.

2. SaaS Software

About SaaS software, cloud solutions, software tips and rankings.

Main article: What is SaaS Software? An Ultimate Guide to Growing a Business with Cloud Apps


  • 5 Best Tools to Grow a Consulting Business
  • Workflow automation: 6 SaaS apps which will save you an hour every day
  • The 30 Best Customer Engagement Solutions to Grow Your Business

+ more of them which can be found within “SaaS Software” category.

3. Reviews

In-depth product reviews.

4. Stories

Stories about companies/people succeeding thanks to cloud solutions/SaaS software.

5. Tutorials

In-depth guides/tutorials on using cloud software/solutions.


  • Can I write for pickSaaS as a guest post writer/contributor?

Yes, but we only publish high-quality, in-depth +2,000 words articles.

  • What can I write about?

Simply choose the topic which would fit into the structure described above. We’re a blog about software helping people/businesses become more efficient, grow faster, saving more time for yourself.

  • How do I submit?

You can submit your blog post here.

  • Is there any guarantee that the article will be published?

No, we do not guarantee the publish of the article as we pay really high attention to the quality and accuracy of the materials.

  • What are the guidelines?

Matching the blog’s structure/topic (described above), +2,000 words, in-depth articles, high quality graphics/images.

  • Can I promote my product?

No, we do not do promotional articles. If you’d like to write about your product, please consider submitting a story to our Medium publication.

Articles published at pickSaaS blog are promoted among our social media audience, community and newsletter.

Wish you all the best in writing for pickSaaS and looking forward to seeing more companies grow using SaaS software!

In pickSaaS, we offer a faster way to find the best software.

We research software solutions and provide online software consulting via website, live chat and email.

Search or start a chat with us and find the best software to grow your business.

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