LiveChat review – a great live chat for e-commerce

LiveChat review – a great live chat for e-commerce
LiveChat review – a great live chat for e-commerce

We look in detail into LiveChat — a very flexible app which might be a perfect fit if you are looking for ways to boost sales in your e-commerce business.

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So far, we haven’t encountered more user-friendly software then LiveChat. It welcomes you with a very simple guide on how to install the software on your website, followed by a tutorial on how to manage the agent’s platform and manage the conversations, so you can quickly sink in. Also, every time you start using new features, the tutorial informs you on how to use them.

The agent’s platform provides instant access to all the stuff you need, like the graphically presented list of visitors, open tickets or analytics. More advanced options are hidden in the settings so that nothing disturbs your view when chatting with visitors.

LiveChat agent platform

LiveChat agent platform

The mobile application has all you need right away, so you can quickly see and engage your visitors or continue conversations initiated at your desktop.


LiveChat offers most of the functionality you need, especially if you run a small or large e-commerce business.

LiveChat features

LiveChat features

LiveChat enables you to set tickets with your customers, so assuming you receive many questions about your products or complaints it might be useful to create cases and resolve them later with your team.

The software is superior in analyzing all of your data and your business’s performance. You can set a specific e-commerce goals so that e.g. every time you close a deal through live chat you receive a notification. Afterward, you can measure how many or what percentage of deals your team has closed thanks to the LiveChat solution. This functionality will be extended with the tracking pixel coming soon, diving even deeper into the details of your sales and conversion.

Another function you could find useful is LiveChat’s dashboard showing you all the most important current statistics about your chat and website.

Finally, LiveChat offers all the most popular features like customized greetings to your visitors, e.g. when he visits a particular part of your website, pre-defined answers or measuring customer’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, it lacks a lead tracking and marketing automation features which are included in some of the solutions like Intercom or UserEngage.


LiveChat is definitely not the cheapest software on the market. It doesn’t offer any free version, starting at $19 per agent monthly with only the basic functionality not including e.g. reporting. For the price of $36, you get a regular product with all the standard functions like full chat’s customization or basic analytics.

LiveChat pricing

LiveChat pricing

Still, it is way more expensive than most of its competitors’ offerings. It is a significant investment, especially if you want to implement it in larger teams.


LiveChat focuses on giving you an option to integrate it with all the most popular services. It is difficult to find a software which doesn’t work in hand with. If you use multiple apps for analytics, contact management, invoicing or especially e-commerce, you will most likely not have any problem with adding LiveChat.

LiveChat integrations

LiveChat integrations

If you want to browse through most popular integrations of LiveChat and compare them with other solutions, you can visit, where you will find all the most popular live chat software.


The LiveChat’s design is minimalistic with a solid-looking chat window. However, looking at other live chat solutions, you can tell that it lacks a few of modern elements like fancy animations making your website look more professional.

Still, you can easily customize your chat window choosing between different themes, colors or giving it even more custom look using your own CSS code.

The overall design of the platform is very positive with no unnecessary eye-catchers.


LiveChat’s customer support is just outstanding and it might be difficult to find a more professional approach towards you as a customer in any other company. The support works 24/7 and provides you with all the required information in just seconds. Not surprising that they even call themselves Support Heroes 🙂

LiveChat design

LiveChat design

And if you’re rather shy and want to learn by yourself, you will find tons of user-friendly materials in their knowledge base.

LiveChat is a great user-friendly, flexible app suitable for different size of enterprises. It delivers advanced functionality to run and measure your e-commerce business and always provides you with smooth and simple experience.

On the other hand, comparing to other software it is a little bit too expensive and lacks modern look.


If you want to enhance sales and conversion of your e-commerce business, LiveChat has all you need. For more information about LiveChat and other solutions for your business, you can visit, where we help you search and find the best apps to enhance the growth of your company.

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