How LiveChat has revolutionized the way businesses do customer support

How LiveChat has revolutionized the way businesses do customer support
How LiveChat has revolutionized the way businesses do customer support

Let’s take a flashback 10 years backward. You enter the company’s website, probably overloaded with information (oh, yes, businesses liked putting a lot of info about themselves these days) and search for a contact information to reach out to the company’s representative. Luckily, someone responds…

Introducing new standards of communication

Now, it’s 2018. You enter the website and you’re immediately greeted with a popping up chat window. Mark, a company’s representative says he’s there to help and is ready to answer your questions. Not after a day, not even in a few hours. He’s there to help you right now, while you’re browsing through the website, simply by chatting with you through a live chat window.

LiveChat - greeting your visitors

LiveChat – greeting your visitors

That’s quite a dramatic change in the way how customers are served in the online world. Live chats are something which revolutionized the mediums of communication between customers and businesses, no matter whether you run an e-commerce store, a blog or provide simple consulting services. Live chats are now all over the place greeting worldwide visitors on millions of websites.

Helping worldwide businesses grow faster

The goal of Live Chat Solutions is simple.

Increase your customer satisfaction -> make your lead more willing to buy your product -> grow your revenues

LiveChat’s main goal is to help people grow their businesses with better customer support and instant communication. This drives an increased level of conversion ratio, meaning the % number of people visiting your website, deciding to finally purchase your product.

“Our main goal at LiveChat is to help online businesses around the world to grow by delivering the best possible tool for online customer support, lead generation, and sales development.”

LiveChat — quick and easy communication with your visitors

LiveChat — quick and easy communication with your visitors

At the same time, LiveChat is focused on providing the best quality possible, keeping the software very easy to use and install. The company does pretty well in this area and from our experience at picksaas, there is no other app with such a simple and straightforward onboarding tutorial.

“We are working on our own products on a daily basis so we are the first critics of our own work. It’s very important for us to keep the value of our products at the highest level.”

The company delivers its software to 23,000 companies worldwide. Among this, there are many success stories helping LiveChat succeed in getting more and more trustful customers.

“We get a lot of news from our users about the increase in customer satisfaction, sales, customer retention and higher conversion level. Among our clients are companies like Depositphotos, pointing out the rich functionality of the software as a key advantage, so we’re always more than happy to see companies growing using our app.”

Leading the niche in the significant live chat market

LiveChat is not the first company providing live chat solution to the worldwide businesses, however, creating a growth-driving, a customer-centric product is not about reinventing the wheel. LiveChat, in comparison to other live chats, focuses on delivering extremely simple, a user-friendly solution which can work along with other software in your company.

LiveChat design

LiveChat design

LiveChat — live chat window customization

“We’re quite different in our philosophy and approach towards building LiveChat. It’s very important for us to keep the value of our products at the highest level, there is no room for shortcuts. Also, the teamwork is a sacred word at LiveChat. It’s very important to feel that everyone at the company can depend on each other and we always transfer this approach when contacting with our current or potential customers.”

This results in an extraordinarily high level of quality when it comes to customer support. LiveChat simply does its best while communicating with its clients or prospects providing top notch 24/7 support.

“We are known as Support Heroes 😉 It is very important for us to keep a close contact with our customers. Our support team is well skilled, super nice group of people who make sure that our customers receive fast and professional help whenever they need it.”

LiveChat statistics

LiveChat statistics

LiveChat — detailed chats’ analytics

LiveChat integrates with multiple different products, right now over 90 apps, including the most popular like WordPress, Shopify or Pipedrive and this number is still growing. It provides really advanced analytics, letting you dive into the insight of your customer support and has a built-in ticketing system which allows for setting up more complex cases to be resolved later.

Cloud apps as a part of LiveChat’s success story

With today’s popularity of the cloud software, LiveChat would probably not be successful without the help of other cloud apps. There are many different tools helping them to communicate with the customers and continue the journey as one of the leading live chat solutions providers.

“Of course, apart from LiveChat, we tend to use plenty other solutions. We use Amplitude for analytics, MailChimp for mailing automation, Trello for project management and of course Slack for team communication. We really like using cloud products as they help us boost productivity and transparency within the company.”

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