We have studied 200 startups and live chats they use

We have studied 200 startups and live chats they use
We have studied 200 startups and live chats they use

During our “Best 6 Live Chats For Startups Ranking”, we looked at landing pages of 100 Noteworthy Young Startups by and 100 Best Startups by We measured the popularity of live chat solutions and their frequency of use among starting teams.

Even though live chats seem to be the obvious choice for companies in the so-called early stage of the market presence, we were surprised to find out that most of the companies are not using this app on their websites.

Are startups using live chat solutions?

Out of 100 most promising young companies, only 23 use the opportunity to communicate with their target audience and to collect leads directly through their website.

Out of 100 more mature and already successful startups, only 33 have a live chat implemented on their website.

% of startups using live chat solutions

% of startups using live chat solutions

And what is the cause of that? Price should not be the reason. Without a hassle, we can find free live chat solutions perfect for small teams, like Smartsupp or We can conclude that most of the young enterprises might not understand the value added coming from live chat apps. They don’t have time to chat with their customers or simply don’t know how to work with this app. All of the reasons may be valid for different companies.

So what do startups miss with no live chat implemented on their website?

Firstly, they do not collect the data about their visitors.

With Intercom or its much cheaper substitute — UserEngage implemented on your website, you can quickly gather all the data about your users including their e-mail address, websites they visit, sometimes even their job title or Twitter profile. There are a number of ways these data could be converted into an increased chance of sales.

Secondly, you leave your potential customers’ questions unanswered.  So they’d rather check competitors’ pricing then find a contact and write to you an e-mail to ask you about the details of your price plans.

Last but not least, without a live chat, you miss the chance to check the quality of your customer support where solutions like Olark give you an opportunity to collect feedback from your customers.

You can learn more about useful functionality live chats can bring to your business in Our Post About Best Live Chat Features.

Popularity of the live chat software

So, which live chat solutions are the most popular among startups?

% of startups using live chat solutions

% of startups using live chat solutions

The most popular chat software among startups is undoubtedly Intercom, whose smiling chat window welcomes us on over 46% of landing pages from these that use the live chat solution.

We found out that Intercom is popular not only among SaaS companies like Bablic or Throttle but is also common among non-tech companies like The Scribble Pen or even food tech startups like Josephine.

2nd place goes to Olark being installed on 19% of live-chat-savvy starting enterprises with Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) following in the 3rd place.

Olark thanks to its simplicity seems to be quite popular among companies selling a physical product like HERO or Snug Vest, with Zendesk Chat being a quite common addition to already used Zendesk software, e.g. by Placemeter.

Does most popular mean the best one for me? Definitely not, there are solutions on the market you haven’t heard about, which might deliver the exact functionality you’re looking for. To check our ranking on the best live chat solutions for startups you can read our Last Post or you can find the best live chat for your business at

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