Kickidler Review – Powerful Productivity and Security Tracker

Kickidler Review – Powerful Productivity and Security Tracker
Kickidler Review – Powerful Productivity and Security Tracker

It’s not without the reason that more and more organizations decide to use employee monitoring software. The AMA (American Management Association) lists such reasons as a breach of confidentiality rules, excessive personal use of the internet and work email or employees visiting inappropriate or not work-related websites.

The same report also shows that computer monitoring, which is currently the most popular, takes many forms:

  • 45% of employers tracking content, keystrokes, and time spent at the keyboard
  • 43% store and review computer files
  • 12% monitor the blogosphere to see what is being written about the company
  • 10% monitor social networking sites

This interesting data clearly shows that there is a huge demand for computer employee monitoring software which would allow businesses to use it flexibly and access all types of information.

Kickidler is one of such tools – an employee monitoring software. Follow me on a great journey through the software. Let’s go!



Kickidler – Kick the Idle Time!

The name of the software is a nice play of words and pretty much speaks for itself. Kickidler is a tool for “kicking the idle time.” It’s an employee monitoring software with multiple ways of utilization. It’s perfect for small and large businesses, but individuals will also find it useful and practical.

There are two versions available:

  1. Freemium – only for 6 employees with limited features
  2. Pricing for paid version depends on how many licenses you want to purchase and for how long. If you plan to use the software on a daily basis, the best option is Lifetime where you pay $170 and have full control of one employee with no time limit.

After the trial, you will be able to use the program indefinitely to monitor up to 6 PCs with some restrictions on functionality. Let’s test it out!

Setting up an Account

Beside being a fan of time tracking software, I’m also a fan of simple SaaS solutions operating in the cloud. And with Kickidler, it’s a bit tricky. If you need a simple, easily accessible software for employee monitoring, that’s where things get more complicated. Signing up for Kickidler requires more than just giving your email address and password.

What you have to do is install Kickidler on your computer. Without it, you won’t be able to take any actions. The first thing that comes to my mind when checking out Kickidler is that it’s a great spying software. But let’s not bracket it as such.

First of all, there are three steps you need to do to fully set up an account:

  1. Install Server (stores all data collected by the program)
  2. Install Grabber (it’s the agent for screen capturing; installed on the controlled computers)
  3. Install Viewer (the program agent for monitoring employees and viewing reports)

With the “hidden mode,” it’s possible to quietly check over other people’s activities. A fantastic feature for employers who suspect their employees of breaking the company’s rules and undertaking illegal activities.

There is also a demo version available if you prefer to test the software. I highly recommend testing it before you decide to implement it. Why? Because it differs from most of the SaaS employee monitoring software which doesn’t require much integration in the operating system. And you need to be sure the tool meets your needs.

Monitor Employees and Increase the Profitability of Your Business

You can use Kickidler in several ways and one of them is as an employee monitoring for business needs. The software has features that can be helpful in improving the productivity of employees and what follows, reduce expenses and save money.

Time Tracking for Understanding Work

Kickidler tracks time spent on all activities during the computer’s running time.

Time tracking Kickidler

Time tracking in Kickidler

Time tracking reports are available in the form of timesheets. They contain detailed information on people’s work: dates, department, employees, last and first activity, and more. You can see who’s late, who works too much or too little.

Time tracking feature in Kickidler allows you to get rid of the paper timesheets and all the paperwork, and automate tasks related to registering working time.

Also, seeing how people work can be a great aid in creating a better work schedule and improving overall workflow.

Reports for Higher Productivity

Tracked time is available in the form of reports. Besides timesheets, there is a section dedicated to productivity.

Efficiency reports in Kickidler

Efficiency reports in Kickidler

Reports allow you to analyze the efficiency of your employees. How they’ve been working, how long, and what on. There are 5 types of reports:

  1. Efficiency – an overall report on the efficiency of certain employees or structural divisions (includes websites visited by employees during working hours, programs and apps)
  2. Day’s details – a detailed report on activities for a specific day
  3. Dynamics – with this report it’s possible to determine the most and least productive periods of employees’ work
  4. Time – shows data on the websites and the apps used by employees
  5. Applications – the rating of the most used apps depending on their category (productive, unproductive, neutral)

So if your business is experiencing bad times or you feel like things are stagnant, Kickidler can help you determine the weak points, analyze them, and improve them. These reports can be a great source of information about your employees and their work.

Maybe it’s time to introduce changes. And if so, Kickidler will have your back.

Online Employee Monitoring for Remote Teams

For those who work with remote teams, Kickidler offers remote monitoring. This solution enables controlling employee PC remotely just as if they were right next to you. It allows you to cooperate better and know what’s happening with the remote employees. Not only does it include a history of reports but also real-time tracking of activities.

Kickidler as the Internal Security Software

Sometimes businesses need employee monitoring software as a means of security. In that case, Kickidler is a perfect choice.

The software has a stealth mode which means you can quietly observe what’s happening in your company.

Kickidler can help you detect violations with alerts and keylogger.

report on violations - Kickidler

Report on violations

The real-time tracker gives you insight into your staff’s activities. The keylogger records all passwords and suspected actions. Whenever employees break the rules by exporting forbidden files, reveal passwords or other confidential information, you always have that data in the reports.

All actions can be recorded, which can later serve you as proof of employee’s violations.

Final Thoughts

Whether used separately as security software or part of employee monitoring, I think Kickidler is a really powerful software. It gathers information on so many issues and activities that can help automate and optimize processes, and improve the overall business performance. It’s a data factory that can be your personal powerhouse of productivity and profitability.

But it’s also a great tool for individuals who want to improve their productivity as well as for parents who want to protect their children from the negative influence of the Internet.

Remember that employee monitoring software should never be used against the law or for your own benefit. Use it smartly and responsibly!

Kickidler PROS

  • Real-time monitoring of all types of activities
  • For data and statistics lovers, Kickidler provides you with lots of valuable information in the form of such (graphs, statistics, timesheets, screenshots, videos, keystrokes)
  • Stealth mode of the agent – the person you’re watching doesn’t have to know they’re monitored

Kickidler CONS

  • In the beginning, the software seems to be a bit unintuitive
  • Not everyone may like the dark mode, it would be great if there was a choice between dark/light mode


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