Install live chat software on your website

Install live chat software on your website
Install live chat software on your website

Chat window caught your eye, you would like to have one on your website but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, it is not so complicated and we will be happy to with a short overview how to install live chat on your website.

Let’s begin with understanding how this chat window works. Live chats are cloud software solutions (commonly known as SaaS – Software as a Service) which enable you to handle the clients’ requests at your website. How do you do that? Very easy, you open the website of your solution provider and respond to your visitors through an available panel. In most cases, you can also chat through mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

But where to start? Where do I find the right live chat? Let’s start from the beginning:

1. Select live chat software

On the market, there are many live chat software providers. Some of them are free to use, some are paid. One will offer you only basic and simple functionality, with other providing complex marketing automation features. In picksaas, we solve your problem of software selection enabling you to compare the pricing, features or design of different Live Chat Solutions. Everything is supported by our picksaas review and users’ opinions to simplify your decision.

picksaas: Product page - features

picksaas: Product page – features

2. Try our purchase live chat software

You don’t have to choose one software and stick to it for the whole time. After all, most of the solutions give you a chance to test them for a few weeks before you pay. To try out or to get to know more about particular software, just click the “Start free trial” button at our product page. Then, register at the software provider’s website to start using the product. In most of the cases, credit card won’t be required.

picksaas: Product page – start trial / purchase

picksaas: Product page – start trial / purchase

3. Install live chat software on your website

So how to make sure that live chat appears on your website? After you purchase a software solution, you will be provided with a piece of code which in most cases should be inputted right before the closing body tag. Does not know what it means? Don’t worry, if you send the information to your developer, he will surely know what to do. If you are using the e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WIX, you might also be provided with the appropriate plugin which will make the installation a lot easier. How to check if the chosen live chat solution supports the software you are using? Just look at the product page at picksaas.com, where you can find the most popular integrations.

picksaas: Product page – integrations

picksaas: Product page – integrations

4. Use live chat software

How to use the chat when you have it installed on your website? All you need to do is to log in to your live chat provider’s website where you will be able to handle all your conversations and visitors’ data. The functionalities you will be given depending on the software you choose, however, most of the solutions provide mobile applications to handle the conversations on the go. To get to know more about interesting live chat functionalities check our blog post -> Cool Live Chat Features.

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