How this app boosts conversion rates for global businesses

How this app boosts conversion rates for global businesses
How this app boosts conversion rates for global businesses

Getting a lead through your website seems like a simple step. You create a webpage, input information letting your visitors know who you are, what services you offer and provide your audience with a form/contact details to collect the interested visitors’ data. But once you set up your process it’s worth to think in a more general approach and ask yourself a question: What percentage of my visitors actually decide to sign up, purchase or contact after they visit my website?

Remedies to your low conversion rates

But how do you actually stimulate this number? How do you increase the probability that your visitor purchases the product or service once he visits your website?

There are numerous ways to do this. One of them is simply optimizing your website to make your potential customer more likely to purchase. This can be done with a help of Analytical Apps, like Hotjar or Google Analytics. Another one is a Live Chat Solution, letting you connect and chat directly with your visitor. The chance to get instant reply from somebody visiting a site can do wonders for your leads converting to actual customers.

There is, however, another way, which has been identified by the company we had a pleasure to visit this week and thanks to Victoria Umanska, CallPage’s Chief Business Development Officer had a chance learn more about call back apps. What if you could immediately talk on the phone with your website’s users?

CallPage’s widget

CallPage’s widget

Calling your visitors in 28 seconds

CallPage is an international company selling its online solution to global customers. It provides a widget appearing on your website (no matter what subpage your visitor is currently browsing) which attempts to collect your visitor’s phone number. Then, within 28 seconds, it automatically connects you and your visitor through a phone call.

“Without CallPage, to call the company, you have to search for the contact tab, find the phone number, enter it into your phone and hope that somebody answers the call. With our solution, we cut a major part of the process. You enter your phone number and that’s it, you magically connect with the company’s representative.”

Thanks to speeding up this process, the company makes life easier, both for its customers as well as for the websites’ users. The customer can quickly talk to the company’s representative and on the other hand, the operator gets a chance to Manage Its Phone calls more effectively, analyze them, set availability hours or listen to the calls’ recordings.

call back app

Call back solutions driving sales for B2B businesses

CallPage’s solution is targeted mostly at B2B businesses, where direct contact and closing deals through a phone call is still a common practice.

“We are creating additional opportunities for our clients to connect with their customers, which is especially valuable for B2B businesses. We also deliver a large value proposition to small, starting businesses, which rely heavily on direct contact, as their customer acquisition channel.”

The solution’s cost starts at $59 per month which does not seem to be a large expense, especially for the companies where it takes a lot of effort to acquire clients.

“We provide the largest value to the industries where the cost of conversion is really high. The additional cost of installing a widget, in comparison to the benefits you get is really low and taking the shortcut to reach out to your customer becomes a standard practice.”

call back app widget

Using the app created by yourself to generate leads

There are many channels CallPage uses to acquire its clients. One of them is their own widget which generates about 50 calls with potential customers each day.

“We generate a lot of valuable content which drives our inbound marketing, we do outbound cold mailing campaigns and use our call back widget to connect with our visitors through the phone. Still, however, 50% of our sales are generated through partnerships/referrals and we find this channel to be extraordinary efficient”

Among its clients, like Orange, Audi or PWC there are many success stories showing how the app contributed to the customers’ success.

“Once, we got a phone call from our major client, saying: I just sold a car thanks to your widget, thank you! Such mentions of our customers are very motivating and make working on this product become more and more interesting every day.”

CallPage integrations

CallPage integrations

Using SaaS apps in building a global product

In its daily work, the company uses many cloud applications, which help them become more productive and communicate with other team members quickly.

“We use Woodpecker for outbound marketing, HubSpot for marketing, Slack for communication, Trello for project management and Google Analytics for website’s analysis. We find cloud apps very useful in our daily job. Woodpecker is especially useful for cold mailing campaigns and our sales team does not imagine working without it on a daily basis.”

You can also easily integrate CallPage with other cloud applications making the installation process smooth and easy.

“Our most popular integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, Joomla, WooCommerce or Zapier. The most interesting one, however, is our integration with Facebook Lead Ads which lets you automatically upload the phone number left on FB Ad into CallPage system.”

As for January 2018, CallPage has generated over 418k calls for its customers and can’t wait to expand on new markets to acquire even more clients.

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