How Switching from Excel to CRM SaaS Will Help You Grow

How Switching from Excel to CRM SaaS Will Help You Grow
How Switching from Excel to CRM SaaS Will Help You Grow

Excel/Google Spreadsheets is the most popular software, period. Which company doesn’t like gathering all the data like clients’ contact information, project status or marketing plan in an Excel spreadsheet? Working in Excel has always been a major part of my job, as well.

The bright and dark side of Excel

There are activities which most probably, will never be substituted by any other software. After all, who can imagine doing financial forecasts or reporting financial results without this essential cell-based system?

There are, however, areas where Excel just doesn’t fit into the nature of the everyday job. Scheduling tasks and planning your project in Google Spreadsheets might seem to be ok at first glance but as soon as you go deeper, it will be very limited in the ways it can help you divide tasks, update progress or simply collaborate with your team.

While keeping some information in Excel spreadsheet (like long-term, rather fixed plans) is something to stick with, keeping contact information, names, last names or email addresses is not the best solution. Finally, you will get bogged down with the complexity of the structure you created and inability to effectively search and manage through your contacts’ base.

“Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.” CRM System According To Salesforce

Why switching from Excel if it’s just fine?

If spreadsheets are not that bad, why would you even consider switching it to some other application?

Imagine you put all the tasks for the upcoming week in the Excel spreadsheet and divide them between your team members. How do you then stay updated on the progress, add related file attachments or comment on particular activities? Doing all of these in Google Spreadsheet would be a challenge but is way easier with using project management apps, like Trello.

Trello vs. Excel

How do you know that somebody changed something in the spreadsheet? You would need to dig deep into the history to see who made particular updates to the project, while with a project management app, you can get instant updates as soon as somebody completes a particular task.

Using Excel or Google Spreadsheets limits you to the environment within its framework, connecting other external SaaS applications is not that easy if you want to create a more complex working environment. That’s not the case for other business apps, where you can connect applications and e.g. automatically create a project in a project management app as soon as you mark a deal as closed in your CRM.

piperdive vs excel

Pipedrive vs. Excel

How will CRM app help you grow?

A good start to using business apps are CRM systems, which can help you boost your efficiency in many areas and help you acquire new customers:

Have all contacts stored in one place

With CRM like Pipedrive or Salesflare, you create an environment where all your employees are able to share and manage the contact information of your client. This boost in transparency accessibility within your team will have a major impact on your team’s efficiency and seeing all the correspondence and information for particular customers in one place is just extremely comfortable.


Connect your email and handle everything in one place

With CRM apps, you can integrate your email account and handle everything from one place, without having to switch between your email and the application. They let you update the status of your sales right away when looking at your client’s email, which will save you and your team a lot of time.


Generate and analyze reports for your sales

With a CRM system, you get a chance to generate detailed reports about your sales, providing you with direct insight into the results of your activities, the reasons for losing the deals or the probability of succeeding in offering to particular clients. If you run a business, you surely know how important is this data for the decisions you make in your daily job.

pipedrive analytics

Plan activities related to your leads and become more effective

Keeping everything in one place is just a super convenient way of managing your daily routine. For each deal or client, you can schedule particular activities, whether it’s a meeting, call, follow-up email or just a quick chat. It makes your day much better organized and will save you a lot of time.

pipedrive deals

Monitor your pipeline of deals

With Pipedrive it’s just super easy to monitor the current status of your sales, which becomes a motivational boost for your team as they know which clients are probable to close within some period of time. It allows you to check your and your team’s ongoing and planned deals, anywhere you are, also with a mobile application.

pipedrive pipeline

If you’re ready to grow, it might be a good moment to switch

Switching from Excel to CRM app or other business applications is not a super quick, one-day process. It takes some time to make employees feel comfortable with the new tools given to their hands. In the long run, however, this is something worth pursuing. You will have adequate resources to manage your company, whether you’re in your office or away on a business meeting, while your team will have everything they need to work more effectively, communicate quickly and plan ahead their tasks.

You can use your saved time and spend it on getting more clients for your business, and at picksaas, we’re always happy to see the companies flourish, thanks to using business apps.

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