How this design app helps small businesses grow

How this design app helps small businesses grow
How this design app helps small businesses grow

We’ve recently had a chance to talk to Oliver, a co-founder of Stencil — a simple design app created to make graphics design accessible to each and every one of us. If you don’t know it, yet, Stencil similarly to Canva, lets you create attractive and neat graphics with the simple online drag and drop app.

This is extremely useful to create designs, especially for your social media channels as Stencil lets you select the specific channel you want to create an image for, e.g. Facebook post or Twitter header.

This turns out to save a lot of time for us in picksaas and apparently for other Stencil’s customers as well. From our experience, creating graphics to match specific sizes of particular social media is extremely time-consuming and Stencil’s app gives us a huge flexibility in not worrying about some technical resolution issues.

Who uses this app for graphic design?

Stencil app

Stencil has been created with the small businesses in mind, those that cannot afford or don’t want to use the services of professional graphics designers or just prefer to create the graphics by themselves.

“Our customers tend to be small and very small businesses. These include many people working as freelance digital marketers, authors and life coaches. It often also includes customers who may run eCommerce sites or real-world stores where they need a very easy-to-use graphic design tool to create images with.”

Why do customers use Stencil and not some other app?

The main reason why people tend to use Stencil in graphics design is that it’s just simple to use and it helps them do their job much quicker.

“People use Stencil because we work very hard at trying to keep it simple to use. When they use Stencil, everything just works. Other services on the web tend to compete more directly with tools like Photoshop. And while sometimes a tool like Photoshop is the only one to get something done, often a simpler tool like Stencil is what people really want. A tool to help them very quickly create an image for a social media account, blog post, or newsletter header.”

Stencil app

Stencil, apart from helping you design the posts or graphics shows its customers exactly how their posts will look in their social media with a simple preview mode so that they are sure everything is well-crafted to the business’s style and colors’ palette.

This is supported by over 1 million royalty-free photos and icons, so the users don’t need to worry about the legal aspects of using online materials.

“For social media, we offer the ability to post directly to accounts from Stencil. We show people a preview of what their image will look like before they post it. What’s even better is that when you use Stencil, you have access to over 1 million royalty-free photos and 1 million royalty-free icons. These photos and icons can be used for anything, including commercial purposes. By doing this, it’s simple for people to just focus on the designs, and not worry about any copyright or legal issues.”

How Stencil helps grow business worldwide…

There are 3 main areas how Stencil helps its customers grow their businesses:

1. It lets you increase the reach of your social media with better-designed posts

2. It saves money and takes care of legal issues related to using photos/icons in your designs

3. It saves time you would spend on using more advanced apps to create simple graphics.

Stencil app

“The most obvious growth-driving factor is that when our customers use Stencil to create images for marketing purposes (especially for social media), it increases their reach. Nowadays visual marketing is a necessity. The second is that by using Stencil, you don’t need to worry about copyright or buying rights to any photos or icons. This can be very expensive and discouraging. And finally, Stencil just works. We get out of your way so you can jump in, create your designs, download / post them on social media, and move on with your day.”

Stencil is one of the happy companies to see the real impact of its product on customers’ businesses as its users’ success stories include increasing conversion rates of their e-commerce stores and of course, making their daily job much more effective.

“We get emails and tweets every day from customers. For example, when someone emails us and says “I spent 5 minutes with Stencil designing an image that took me 2 hours to do with Photoshop”, we’re exceptionally happy. We’ve heard stories about how after they started using Stencil to promote their online store, they directly saw sales grow. Before, when their blog didn’t have images that were promoting a product they were selling, they saw a conversion rate of 5%. After they included images showing the product they and included their watermark on that image and what the price was, they saw the conversion rate jump to 18%.”

Stencil app

Without using business apps, Stencil would not grow so fast

Stencil is a business as well and it’s not afraid to use apps delivered by other companies.

It uses apps like Trello for project management, Campaign Monitor for mailing automation, Mixpanel or Segment for analytics and Stripe for payments.

“Anything that distracts us from improving Stencil is a distraction for us. We don’t want to worry about tracking stats ourselves or designing icons, or processing payments directly through a bank. All the apps we use let us focus just on Stencil as a platform. It makes it easier for us to do our job, offer great customer support, and gauge our customers on what could be improved.”

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