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Chatbots are on the rise these days. More and more businesses decide to use them and make them an integral part of customer service. With the evolution of AI, chatbots become more common. You can come across them at many websites. No matter the industry, service or product you’re looking for.

Various studies, papers, and statistics show that people prefer to communicate via chatbots rather than to interact with another human being. And in the era of digitization and technological progress, chatbots are not going anywhere. According to Gartner Reportby 2020 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human agent.

And so, many people use chats to get in touch with a company and find answers to questions and problems.

The development of live chat software and chatbots favors the emergence of chatbot-like tools. For now, they may not be that popular, but with the expansion of SaaS software used for customer service, they will gain value in the nearest future. is a great example of such tools. If you’re not convinced that chatbot is the right solution for you, try out Chatler.

Contents – Intelligent Chat Assistant

Chatler is a fresh product, it’s been on the market for only 3 years. It was created at the end of 2016. And guess what, Coca-Cola was one of their first partners. Today the software is used by clients from 4 continents.

I mentioned chatbots. But, Chatler’s creators, in their FAQ section write that “Chatler is not a chatbot.” It’s more of an intelligent chat assistant.

Chatler is a “guy” who uses algorithms to suggest replies to repetitive messages. To be more specific, it’s an AI overlay for Facebook chatting. It recommends relevant replies for repetitively asked customer questions. It does not send the replies though, it only suggests.


  1. You set up a Frequent reply library  – it’s the place where you can manage all your replies
  2. You download the Chatler Chrome extension
  3. Voilà, you’re all set up and ready to go

Chatler offers 3 Solutions, Chatler for Facebook, Chatler for Enterprise, and Chatler for Developers. They differ by the range of features and price.

Here are the 4 pricing plans:

  1. Chatler for Facebook (Basic) – free
  2. Chatler for Facebook Professional $9.99/month + 28-days free trial
  3. Chatler for Enterprise – custom pricing – for clients with complex needs
  4. Chatler for Developers – custom pricing – best for those who want to experiment with recommendation API

I’m choosing Chatler for Facebook Professional because it has a free trial, and because it was created specifically for Facebook’s Messenger. I want to see how it works, and how I can use it. Let’s go!

Setting up your personal Chatler

Singing up for Chatler looks a bit different than usual registration. I’m redirected to the Chrome Web Store to get Chatler’s extension. Then I can sign up with Facebook or with email. I’ll go for Facebook; that’s what Chatler was built for.

I add my page and am asked what Chatler can do with it. I link Chatler with my Facebook page and I’m all set! That was easy.

Chatler’s dashboard is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Main window
  2. Left navigation menu
  3. Top panel

They are all simple and have only basic components.

What you can do in Chatler

Let’s see what Chatler has to offer. The left navigation menu is where I can quickly access all the important sections. There are 5 components – chat, posts, subscription, blog, and settings. But the most important are chat and posts.


Chatler's chat library

This is the key element of Chatler. It’s the Chat library. Here, I can manage all the replies, swiftly and conveniently.

I have different topics to which I can add an overview and describe what the topic is about. I can edit already existing replies, remove or add them. I can see the preview of how they will look like and set their visibility. If a response is invisible, it won’t appear in searches or recommendations.


Chatler's posts library

Posts section allows me to automate comment responses. In the Comment Library, I can create as many responses as I want and then add them to specific posts.

By defining rules, I can enable Chatler to answer repetitive comments automatically. I can determine when and which comments trigger specific replies from my Comment Library.

CHAT and POSTS are so far the only elements in that are available. Let’s hope in the future the team will develop the tool and add more features.

The rest of the 5 components is a small addition to the menu that lets users keep access to everything in one place.

Subscription allows me to change plan with a few simple clicks. Blog redirects me to Chatler’s blog where I can find some useful articles. And Settings is where I can manage my pages (add or remove them).

The Top Panel presents Chatler’s logo (to the left) and (to the right) I can access Terms and Conditions and basic account settings (name, notifications, and password).

And that’s all folks! is simple software and you really don’t need onboarding to figure out how it works.

How can Chatler help your business?

Chatler is a great solution for people who use Facebook and its messaging feature. And it doesn’t matter which industry you work in, whether you run page dedicated to a celebrity, the latest news on technology or a specific product.

Since Chatler is a very basic tool, you may wonder how it can help your business. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • If you have a large group of followers, publish regularly, and you’re not able to reply to every comment or message because there are simply too many of them, Chatler will help you.
    By setting automatic replies, you can eliminate this problem. Also, That way your followers and customers will know you care about them.
  • You can learn a lot about your customers. The library of replies will tell you everything you need to know about your clients: what do they need? what are they looking for? what are their needs, expectations, and problems?
    You will get useful insights such as who, when, what about, etc., chats about. There’s a lot of data you can pull out of Chatler.
  • With Chatler, you can save timeautomate an optimize work. How? Chatler will automatically reply to repetitive messages in a concise way. At the same time, you will help customers make better and faster decisions.

If you’re not sure whether Chatler is the right tool for you, test it out. See how it works for you and your business. It may turn out that it is the best tool and you should have invested in it a long time ago. Or it might fail your needs and expectations. You never know until you try it.

Final thoughts is really simple software. It’s going to work wonders for those who need a minimalistic solution. I think it’s suitable for small and larger teams. However, if you’re looking for something with more advanced features, you will get disappointed.

I think is a helpful software and has considerable potentiality. So I hope the team at will keep on developing their creation and introduce more features in the future.

Chatler Pros:

  • Super basic solution, easy-in-use
  • Combination of AI and human interaction
  • Simple configuration – you only have to add it your customer care services
  • You can integrate Chatler with your Facebook, Instagram, email, and other services you use to stay in touch with clients

Chatler Cons:

  • There’s no version for teams. Each team member has to sign-up individually and connect Facebook page. It would be much easier if it was possible to create one space for a team and invite team members to it so everything is available in one place.
  • No knowledge base with information on how to use Chatler, even though it’s a basic software (I love knowledge bases, they always reveal small, hidden secrets about apps)

Try out Chatler for free

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