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3 best social media management tools

3 best social media management tools
3 best social media management tools

Handling social media in a standard way, putting posts one by one and checking the statistics from time to time, is fine as long as you don’t publish very often and if you’re using one or two social media channels.


Managing social media, however, requires way more effort and becomes extremely time-consuming as soon as you start distributing through multiple social networks and publish posts a few times a day or even every hour.

Then, it becomes a full-time job and you’d probably need to find a person responsible for managing your social media channels, sometimes even each person responsible for every social media network!

But still, some of the posting jobs can be automated and few of us know that we’re wasting time on tasks like copying between different platforms or scheduling on each platform separately.


Some of the tasks can easily be automated using online apps, some of which are available for free! I can’t wait to show you 3 useful apps which can save you lot of time and effort in social media marketing.

Buffer — A Simple And Free Social Media Scheduling App

Buffer scheduling posts

Buffer — a great app to schedule posts in advance

Buffer is a very simple app, which lets you schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest in one place.

It means that you don’t need to go to each and every social network to publish your posts, you can publish everywhere from the level of one online application and you can schedule your posts to be published at exact hour.

It simply saves tons of time and from my experience, at picksaas, it’s just perfect for scheduling Twitter posts in advance.

Sprout Social — A Great App For Social Media Analytics

Sprout Social analytics

Sprout Social — social media scheduling

With Sprout Social, you can schedule posts to be published on numerous social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

It also gives you access to the graphics library in case you need a quick photo to support your post.

But the key additional advantage of Sprout Social is that it’s really focused on analyzing the performance of your posts as well as the whole social media activity. This can really give a ton of information about which channels, posts or hashtags are the most effective.

For example, you can check that posts containing particular hashtag don’t give you too many visits and optimize your posting accordingly. Use it to be more productive in your social media marketing.

Brand24 — An App To Monitor What Others Say About You In Social Media

Brand24 social media monitoring

Brand24 — an app to listen to your customers.

Posting, scheduling, and analytics are quite an important part of your social media marketing, but social networks are not a one-way communication channel anymore.

It is equally important to monitor what others have to tell, especially if they talk about your brand. This is where apps like Brand24 becomes extremely helpful as it monitors multiple online channels (including Facebook, Twitter, and other social media) for particular keywords.

This means that it can notify you whenever somebody mentions your brand, e.g. on Facebook and even let you know whether the mention was positive or negative.

So, you will know whenever somebody complains about you and will be able to react quickly. Brand24 will also let you identify influencers in your specific domain so that you know who’s the best person to promote your product or services.

One of the above apps is a good start for boosting your social media marketing performance and saving some time. And this time can be spent on more interesting tasks like watching cat movies 😉

Let me know if you use any of the above or any other useful social media apps.

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