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Top 6 Live Chats for a Startup

Top 6 Live Chats for a Startup
Top 6 Live Chats for a Startup

Having almost endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a live chat solution you probably wonder which is best for you. That’s why today, I take a look at the most popular live chats among startup companies, analyze them in depth and give you a hint which one might be suitable for your business.

So if you are a small company trying out different marketing solutions that are supposed to help you with building your leads database, this article may come in handy.

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Smartsupp - live chat for startup

Smartsupp – live chat for startup

Smartsupp offers a free live chat solution for an unlimited number of operators, so you can freely use most of its functionalities even in a broad co-founding team.

If you need premium features such as analytics or video recording, you will have to pay $10 monthly per agent.

Smartsupp is the only live chat to offer built-in video recording of your visitors. You just click on the video to see what users have been doing on your website. It might be a good substitute for Hotjar if you don’t want to use too many apps.

So sad that the Smartsupp’s design is far from beautiful and that it doesn’t offer native mobile applications. The company claims it is already working on these issues, so you can follow our Twitter/Facebook channel to stay up to date. - live chat for startup – live chat for startup is another completely free live chat but with much more extensive functionality.

It has a built-in ticketing system, which enables you to create cases with your customers and change their status once they’re resolved.

You can also store your website’s visitors as contacts so it might act as your website’s mini-CRM system.

It offers Android and iOS mobile apps as well as desktop applications for both Mac and Windows.

You may think — how do they earn money? charges $15 monthly for un-branding your chat window, you can also buy additional chat support helping you in handling customers’ requests for $1 per hour. Additionally, you can purchase a 3rd party functionality letting you use a video chat and screen sharing.


Olark - live chat for startup

Olark – live chat for startup

Olark offers a free version for 1 operator with the maximum of 20 chats per month. In the premium version, it offers a unified price of $17 per month.

The key advantage of Olark is that it is a simple, straightforward and easy to use app. Its interface is user-friendly and all its elements are very well-designed.

An interesting feature of Olark is its standardized customer surveys giving you the opportunity to collect and analyze feedback from your customers.

Unfortunately, the solution does not provide native mobile applications to serve your customers on the go.

If you would like to know more about Olark, you should check our Video Review, where we cover all the details.


Slaask - live chat for startup

Slaask – live chat for startup

Slaask is not so popular solution on the market but is just perfect for teams already using Slack for in-house communication and who don’t want any additional app.

How does it work? When a visitors appear on your website, you can see them as a Slack conversation and chat with them directly as if you were talking to your teammate.

Slaask enables you to set automated customer messages with marketing automation features to be implemented soon.

You can also program your own AI bot, helping you in handling conversations.


Intercom - live chat for startup

Intercom – live chat for startup

Intercom Respond and Engage are probably the most popular software in the startup community. You can find a very common chat window on many websites.

Unfortunately, its customization is very limited.

Intercom is something more than just a live chat. It is a powerful platform to manage all your contacts, website visitors, and clients in one place. It focuses on building a relationship between you and your customers as it gathers data about your visitors, meaning you can even access their twitter profile.

Its Engage product provides solutions to automate communication with your customers through messages or e-mails. Intercom is also probably the only chat, where you can send your customers funny GIF messages.

The product’s pricing is crazy, with the full product package starting with 106$ monthly for as little as 250 tracked visitors.


UserEngage - live chat for startup

UserEngage – live chat for startup

UserEngage offers most of Intercom’s functionalities for only a fraction of a price starting at $29 per month.

It lets you track your customers, gathering the data and consolidating them into customer profiles.

The key advantage of UserEngage is its marketing automation, letting you draw customer journeys, meaning, for example, sending your customers an e-mail campaign as soon as they visit pricing page and qualifying them as a lead in your system after they open it.

The software is quite fresh and releases updates on a regular basis, with new functionality like advanced analytical dashboard available in the newest version.


The key to choosing the best live chat for your company is answering a question what key features you actually need in your customer service app and how much you are willing to pay for them.

I hope this review will help you make the right choice. You can also compare between different live chats and their functionalities or configure a live chat, depending on your needs at

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