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Best free live chat software tools

Best free live chat software tools
Best free live chat software tools

What if you don’t want to spend dozens or even hundreds of dollars each month just to have a chat window installed on your website? There are many solutions which can provide you with basic or sometimes even more advanced functionality for no money at all. Today, we take a look at the most interesting solutions to find the best free live chat software for your website:


Best free live chat - Smartsupp

Best free live chat – Smartsupp

Smartsupp enables you to use chat window with an unlimited number of operators, completely for free. It is easy to use and install, can be managed in bigger teams and you would easily integrate it into many other services like Shopify, WordPress or Presta Shop. Without any price, it even lets you use the video recording functionality. Unfortunately, in the free version, you don’t get any reporting and analytics about chats’ and operators’ performance. And finally, the major drawback is that Smartsupp does not provide you with native iOS / Android applications.

Best free live chat:

Best free live chat:’s idea is completely based on the free model as the software does not even offer any premium version. It means that you get the full functionality, including ticketing system, reporting, chat rating and triggered messages for a full price of 0$. How does the company earn money? You can pay a small sum of 15$ monthly for removing branding or use the company’s chat support service to outsource responding to your visitors’ queries. The only things which might deter you from is quite stiff chat window’s design and lack of extension possibilities into more advanced features.


Best free live chat: Olark

Best free live chat: Olark

Even though Olark’s free functionality is limited to only one operator, its live chat is worth to look at, due to its outstanding chat’s design and very transparent pricing giving you instant access to all the functionalities, including branding removal, for one price. In premium version, it also lets you create personalized customer surveys facilitating feedback collection process.


Best free live chat: Chatra

Best free live chat: Chatra

Just like Olark, Chatra offers a free version for only one operator but the major difference is that if you plan on upgrading to have a larger team of visitors’ support, its pricing is much more affordable. For no price, you get all the basic stuff including well-designed chat window, offline messaging or basic visitor’s analytics to be used on multiple websites. In the premium version, for $19 monthly, you get an unlimited number of operators with more advanced functionality including chat ratings, file transfer, and reporting/analytics.


Best free live chat: Drift

Best free live chat: Drift

Drift’s free solution is limited to only one operator and 100 tracked visitors but it is way more than only live chat window. Drift has marketing automation functionality enabling you to collect and effectively manage data about your customers. However, if you are looking for a long-term free communication solution for your website, Drift’s free version is more a teaser to its premium well-priced version ($50 a month).

HubSpot Live Chat

Best free live chat: HubSpot live chat

Best free live chat: HubSpot live chat

HubSpot is one of the most common CRM solutions to manage your contacts and relationships with other companies. What makes it even more awesome is the fact that it can be easily connected with HubSpot’s free live chat software letting you collect and qualify leads on your website. HubSpot’s live chat is completely free, can be easily customizable to match any website’s style and has a built-in chatbot builder letting you automate some of your responses. Quite a vast functionality, knowing it’s an all-in-one live chat & CRM, isn’t it?

Chat Pirate is not a free solution but its pricing is based on a per access model ($9 per month), meaning you will not have to pay for each operator. At the same time, it is worth a look thanks to its uncanny user-friendly interface and sleek design. Integrated with the most popular e-commerce services, it is one of the best value-for-use solutions on the market available.

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