Adzooma Review – An AI Powered Google Ads Management Platform

Adzooma Review – An AI Powered Google Ads Management Platform
Adzooma Review – An AI Powered Google Ads Management Platform

If you’re running an online business, investing in Google Ads is one of the surest ways to get exposure to new customers. It’s scalable, relatively cheap, and, not like time-consuming SEO efforts, takes little time to see the results.

But to plan and optimize a successful campaign that would bring you new sales, you need the know-how. Or someone who has it.

Hiring an SEM specialist or an agency that would help you pick the keywords, the target group, or plan the budget is not cheap. And learning all the Google Ads magic is not a piece of cake.

Luckily, you’ll find software on the market that will help you get oriented in your Google Ads account, optimize your current performance, and run everything from one place.

One of the most comprehensive ones is Adzooma, all-in-one AI-based platform for managing your Google Ads and improving the outcome with no effort at all.


An Easy Way to Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns Performance

Adzooma is a SaaS platform dedicated to business owners or managers who want to use Google Ads by themselves but would like it to be more simple and intuitive. The software helps to optimize and measure performance with handy tools.

All you need to do is integrate it with your Google Ads account and let it analyze your data 24/7. Then the science happens – an AI algorithm with a huge, and still expanding, database gives you tips and tweaks on how you can improve your campaigns. What’s more, you can implement the changes with just one click.

Adzooma offers its users four pricing plans, adjusted to their business’ size and needs:

  • New Pilot
  • Trained Pilot
  • Advanced Pilot
  • Rocket Pilot

They offer the plan based on the amount of money spent on SEM campaigns each month. And so, the pricing begins with the New Pilot option with budget limited to €1000/month with a price of €19/month. Then it extends through the plans with phone support, a growing amount of money spent, and a 12 hour data refresh cycle (instead of regular 24 hour).

The Adzooma software is based on three main functionalities:

  • Opportunities – it pinpoints where you can improve, quit what is not working, optimize actions for better work, and make use of proven PPC techniques. No courses or certificates needed.
  • Automation – there are plenty of things you can do every day, week, and month on your Google account. Adzooma lets you eliminate those tedious repetitive tasks and does it all for you. All you need to do is set up your own customizable automation rules.
  • Reports – no switching between apps here either. Control all of your important reports from one place – ad budget, ad groups, campaigns, keywords, and others.

Adzooma was designed to save your time so you can focus on growing your business. That’s why they concentrate on the easier and quicker experience. That’s also what makes them stand out from the competition.  

And if you want to cover more than one account, there’s also an Adzooma Agency service, that will let you manage multiple Google Ads accounts from one Adzooma profile. So I guess it’s good for scaling.

The Onboarding

To see if the software fits your needs, you’ll be given a 7-day free trial. During this period, a dedicated person will take care of you, checking if you need any help setting up your account and testing the product.

What I liked about Adzooma is how simple it is. The app comes with only four views, so you don’t lose any time searching what you’re looking for. It’s also incredibly easy to learn how to use it properly.

Now let me describe how the app looks like, going through every one of the views.

Dashboard – Data in One Place

After logging in to the app we see a dashboard which gathers all valuable information in one place.

App creators decided to place here three features most crucial in everyday use:

  • Campaign Performance
  • Current ads preview
  • Three most relevant improvement tips
Adzooma dashboard

Adzooma dashboard

The Performance chart takes most of the place in the dashboard, so you can check the current state of your campaigns. It views the following data:

  • Number of views
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of conversions
  • Amount of money spent
  • All conversions

There’s a field where you can filter your data with specific time periods, just like in Google tools, but it’s more intuitive and you have everything in one place – there’s no need for to jump between different screens.

In the dashboard, you will also have a quick preview of the running campaigns, seen as it would look like in the eyes of your targeted customer.

As a final piece of the dashboard, you can also see the three most prioritized tips (opportunities) based on the AI algorithm, as well as the time you’ll need to implement them.

What’s the benefit?

Adzooma Dashboard is a centralized system for managing all the data about your Google Ads. It gives you a general overview of their performance at a glance so you can see whether you need to take action on a specific part of them immediately or you can focus on something else.

You always know what’s happening with your Google Ads.

Beat Your Competition with Opportunities

Opportunities is probably the most interesting part of the Adzooma app. Its engine’s aim is to suggest you some actions you can undertake in your Google Ads campaigns and account to take the most out of it.

All of the changes and suggestions can be implemented automatically, which is a huge time saver. The app gives you propositions of ad headlines and copy, based on the AI research for you, to push live with a single click. The other way is to use your own ideas, only having the tips in mind.

There are four categories of opportunities with four actions you can take: Improve Performance, Reduce Wasted Spend, Best Practice and the Account Structure. So basically, all we should have in mind in order to run a successful Google Ads campaign.

As an example, a couple of tips the software can give you:

  • Enable your campaigns
  • Enable ad groups
  • Try new advert headlines
  • Replace standard advert
  • Replace underperforming ad
  • Add new keywords
  • And many more

To make these changes live, fill in the details, then all actions are moved to the queue. After moving all chosen actions there, you can apply them all at once with one click.

What’s the benefit?

Opportunities allows you to automate actions but above all, it can help your Google Ads stand out from the competition by giving you some ideas to refresh your content.

Automate and Save Your Time

The automation engine was created to liberate Google Ads users from their daily routine tasks. Instead of repeating some actions every day, or week, you can set up some automation rules that will initiate them without you having to do it personally. So you could not get mad doing the same thing over and over again. Kind of nice, isn’t it?

The automation rules are fully customizable and easy to add, you can also edit them, group them into types, and remove them anytime.

Also, don’t worry about missing when they fire – you’ll always get a notification.

Keep a Hand on the Pulse with Custom Reports

Reports let you oversee the efficiency of your Google Ads efforts, in four scales:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Single keywords
  • Single adverts

The last one’s performance is measured in the number of clicks, cost, impressions, and conversions. You can choose which actions are measured as conversions.

That’s basically all the most important information you would search for in your Google console. Adzooma lets you control campaigns’ budgets and manage your whole Ads account from a single web page.

You can also easily build custom reports to see historical data of your account and the showcase of the work you’re doing.


Adzooma is a simple all-in-one platform for people who need a space to manage their Google Ads. However, it’s best for small businesses and individuals as well as for people who need a simple software. If you’re looking for a solution for large business or are demanding, Adzooma may not be the best choice. You won’t be able to deeply integrate into the campaigns.

Overall, Adzooma is good software for managing Google Ads campaigns. You can easily eliminate tedious activities by optimizing specific activities which will automate your work.


  • Adzooma automates and optimizes most of the activities for more efficient work
  • It’s a simple SaaS software that doesn’t require onboarding or additional training
  • Intelligent Google Ads campaigns management
  • Great customer support


  • No Knowledge Base with helpful information on how the software works, tips or hacks
  • Doesn’t let you dive deep into playing with your campaigns which may not be cool for people who like flexibility

Try out Adzooma for free!

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